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The roster of Astana Continental (known as Astana City since 2016), is made up entirely of young riders from their home country of Kazakhstan. This is hardly surprising, considering the fact that Astana Continental is a junior feeder club for the Astana Pro team. One of the main aims of the team is to nurture the growth of pro cycling in Kazakhstan. The roster for 2016 includes:

Akhmetov, Galym

Age: 21 years

He joined the Astana Continental team in 2014. After scoring 15 points and 12 points in hist first two seasons, Akhmetov increased his tally in 2016 to 58 points.

His most notable performance was in the 2013 Tour of Mazandaran Juniors, where he won stages 2, 4 and 5 and was placed first overall in the GC classification.

Cherbinin, Yuriy

Age: 20 years

Joined the team in 2015. Scored 10 points in 2016. No notable victories to date.

Galeyev, Vadim

Age: 24 years

Joined the team for 1 year in 2014. Left after scoring 122 points. Returned in 2016 and scored 50 points.

Stage Victories:

* 2014: Stage 2 of the Tour de Bretagne

* 2014: Stage 3 of the Tour of China II

Overall Victories:

* 2014: The CC Asia RR U23 One Day Race

Gatskiy, Pavel

Age: 25 years

Member of the team since 2014. No notable victories to date. Scored 106 points in 2014, and 46 points in 2015. No points in 2016.

Notable finishes include:

* 2014: 9th in the Stage race, Tour of China I

* 2014: 3rd in Mountains, Circuit des Ardennes

* 2015: 4th in the Mountains, Podlasie Tour

* 2015: 4th in the Stage race, Baltyk Karkonosze

Kulimbetov, Nubolat

Age: 24

Has been a permanent fixture in the Astana Continental Team since its inception in 2012. One of the stronger performers over the years, with several stage victories as well as top finishes in one day road races. Scored 58 points in the last two years, 2015 and 2016.

Stage Victories:

* 2012: Stage 5 of The Azerbaijan Tour

* 2014: Stage 8 of Vuelta Independencia Nacional

* 2015: Stage 4 of The Baltyk Karkonosze

Overall Victories:

* 2016: Winner of the Grand Prix of ISD One Day Road Race

As of 2016, Nubolat has joined the senior squad at the Astana Pro Team as a trainee rider.

Kuzmin, Anton

Age: 19 years

Joined the team in 2015. No notable victories to date. Scored 3 points in 2016.

Luchshenko, Sergey

Age: 22 years

A part of the roster since 2015. Scored 5 points in his first season, and 11 points in 2016. No notable victories to date.

Miraliyev, Sultanmurat

Age: 26 years

Joined the team in 2016. Winner of the track race in National Championships in Kazakhstan in 2015. One win for the Astana Team after joining in 2016:

* 2016: Winner in Track Race at the Velodromo Bottechia Pordenone

Natarov, Yuriy

Age: 19 years

One of the youngest riders, joined the team in 2015. Scored 4 points in 2015, and 6 in 2016. No notable victories to date.

Nikitin, Matvey

Age: 24 years

Joined Astana in 2015. An experienced rider, he scored 139 points in 2015 and 98 points in 2016. No notable victories to date. Top 10 finishes (overall points) include:

* 2015: 5th in the Black Sea Cycling Tour

* 2015: 10th in the Tour of Bulgaria

* 2015: 8th in the Mountain Section of the Podlasie Tour

* 2015: 3rd in The Okolo Slovenska

* 2015: 3rd in The Mountains stage of Baltyk Karkonosze

* 2016: 3rd in The Grand Prix of ISD

* 2016: 10th in the Mountains section of Tour du Loir et Cher

Panassenko, Nikita

Age: 24 years

Joined the team in 2015. 46 points scored that year, with another 6 in 2016. Multiple stage victories in various events, including;

* 2015: 1st in the Points Race at the Track Asia Cup in New Delhi

* 2015: Stage 4 of the Tour of Bulgaria

* 2015: 1st in the Points Race at the Alexander Lesnikove Memorial event in Russia

* 2015: 1st in the Points Race in the Minsk Grand Prix

* 2016: 1st in the Points Race at Alexander Lesnikove Memorial Event in Russia

Satlikov, Maxim

Age: 19 years

A member of the team since the 2016 season, he scored 3 points and also had one stage victory in his début year:

* 2016: 1st in the Points Race at the Track Clubs ACC Cup JR event in Thailand

Shtein, Grigoriy

Age: 20 years

Part of the team since 2015. Scored 14 points in 2015, and 80 in 2016. A couple of top 10 finishes so far:

* 2016: 7th in the Carpathian Couriers Race

* 2016: 2nd in the GP delle Liberazione

Stalnov, Nikita

Age: 25 years

In the team since 2015, scored 65 points in his first year and 256 points in 2016. A top performer for the Astana Continental Team. One notable victory so far:

* 2015: Winner in the mountains stage of the East Bohemia Tour

Notable finishes include:

* 2015: 6th in the Tour of Almaty

* 2015: 7th in the Stage race in Tour of Bohemia

* 2015: 6th in the Stage race of Tour of Bulgaria

* 2016: 3rd in Points, Tour of Ukraine

* 2016: 3rd in Stage race, Azerbaijan Tour

* 2016: 2nd in Mountains, Azerbaijan Tour

* 2016: 3rd in Stage race, Tour of Turkey

Tsoy, Vladimir

Age: 19 years

A new member of the team since 2016, no notable victories or finishes so far. Scored 14 points.

Umerbekov, Nikita

Age: 25 years

Part of the Astana roster in 2012, he left the team after 2013. Rejoined in 2016. Scored 150 points in 2012 for Astana Continental. Did not race in 2016. Scored several stage victories and jerseys in 2012.

Stage Victories:

* 2012: Stage 2 of the Tropicale Amissa Bongo


* 2012: Mountains category in the Tour of Bulgaria

* 2012: Youth category in the Tropicale Amissa Bongo

Zhumakan, Alisher

Age: 19 years

Another young new addition to the team, joined in 2016. No notable victories or top 10 finishes to date. Scored 4 points in the 2016 season.

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